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Why F1 Affiliates?


F1 Affiliates is a global partnership network focused on providing exclusive marketing offers. Our team of industry specialists is determined on ensuring that each of our affiliates receives bespoke conditions enabling them to earn more. We strive to refine every detail from banner to conversation, continuously optimising our services to deliver unparalleled results for our partners.


Updated in-depth statistics

Monitor every detail of your traffic anytime.


Convenient payout methods

Receive your commissions efficiently and effortlessly with the most suitable payment method


Personal affiliate assistant

One of our passionate and experienced team members will be your personal manager, assisting you in every step of your journey, including how to get the highest conversation ratio and benefit from your traffic.


Wide range of promotional materials

Choose the promo materials suitable for your requirements from our extensive selection.


Integrated into multiple languages

As a global network, we make sure we can reach as many as possible potential partners. Therefore, we integrated multiple languages, enabling thousands of people to understand our benefits.


Select your preferred terms of collaboration

Becoming an F1 affiliate, you can choose between our two types of partnership - revenue sharing or CPA plan.

The more clients you sign up, the greater your income

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  • 10
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$ 950

per month

Our Offers


Work with an established and regulated broker that specialises in CFDs, Currency, Indicies, Commodities, Bonds and Equity Markets in Asia and the Middle East. Benefit from competitive payout plans by connecting new clients with a variety of opportunities for potential capital growth.

As a partner, your role is to encourage new clients while we provide you with a broad range of marketing materials and competitive compensation scheme.

Advantages of selecting Euniwong?

  • Excellent CPL and CPA payment plans
  • Work with an established and regulated broker
  • Unique Landing Pages
  • In-depth market analysis
  • Ongoing comprehensive support
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Euniwong Social media star

Become an affiliate to the global place where thousands of smart investors connect with traders and take advantage of their know-how and experience. Benefit from our excellent commission plans by introducing traders and investors to an exclusive trading environment with high yield earning potential.

Your role as a partner includes promoting Euniwong Social media star and encourage new traders and investors while we provide you with exclusive marketing products and ongoing support.

Advantages of selecting Euniwong Social media star?

  • An attractive CPA and CPL payout package
  • Work with an authorised and regulated broker
  • Excellent trading conditions
  • Comprehensive marketing support
Become A Partner

EuniWong is easy to promote

Top quality product

Promote one of the fastest growing, social media star

High conversion rates

Our marketing team constantly works to improve the product and conversion rates. Check out our partner VIP offering to find out how we can maximise your conversions

Solid brand

Our marketing and PR teams are continuously working to improve the brand recognition globally. EuniWong is one of the fastest growing influencers across the world


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